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This 30 minute phone conversation package is offered to parents that may just have a few questions that need to be answered about their children’s sleep.


For example, maybe you would like to know how to deal with a recent early waking or you will be traveling to a different time zone and would like to know how to transition with your child. The 30 minutes will begin after an initial introductions and I will answer any of your questions in that period. If at that time you would like to upgrade your package because you would like to work together more, we can do that.

Mother and Baby

Newborn Sleep Package: Healthy Sleep Habits and Routines


The newborn (under 5 months) is a package that is great for parents that are trying to get a handle on baby’s sleep before it becomes an issue. I will cover healthy sleep habits from the start, appropriate wake times, daily schedules, and what to expect these first few months with babies in the sleep department. I also provide support for 1 week via phone or email. 

If you have specific needs for your kiddo, I will work around that to target in on your family’s needs.

Baby Sleeping

Personal Sleep Plan and 3 Follow-Up Emails or Calls


This package includes a sleep inventory analysis to help determine the causes of the sleep troubles. Using the sleep inventory, I will develop a personalized sleep plan for your child to guide you through how to help them develop healthy sleep habits.


In addition to creating the sleep plan, I will be available to you for three emails/texts/calls to review, change, or answer any questions you have regarding your child’s sleep training progress. I will be here for you to ask any questions and help guide you into continuing to implement the sleep plan in the following days and nights so that you are successful.

Mother Holding Baby

Personal Sleep Plan and 1 Week Unlimited Support Package


This 1 week unlimited phone/email package is perfect for the parents that are in need of week long, ongoing, one-on-one support. Depending on the child’s age, one week is about the time that many sleep problems can be reversed and good sleep habits put into place. I will be there to analyze the sleep inventory based on your child’s current sleep habits and routines, use that sleep inventory to create a personalized sleep plan for your child, and support you along the way as you implement it.  


I am available through unlimited emails to help you along the way with any questions or concerns. We can change anything that is not working or for things you may be unsure about. I am just an email away and a quick response from me should be expected.

Sleeping Like a Baby

Personal Sleep Plan and 2 Weeks Unlimited Support Package


This 2 week unlimited email package is made for the parents of a child who may be “set
in their ways.” It might take a little more time to change their sleeping habits. Toddlers
tend to already know what is they want and have determined how to get it. It could take
a little more time to get them on track with their sleep, but I can definitely help. Naps and early wakings in the morning are other things that can take a bit longer to correct.


With this package, not only do I analyze your child’s current sleep routines/patterns, develop
a personalized sleep plan based on their current needs, and have unlimited email or phone access to me for 2 weeks, as well as a 15 minute end of service phone call to discuss any questions or concerns.

Happy Mother with her Child

Personal Sleep Plan an 1 Month Unlimited Support Package


Very similar to the 2 week package, this 30 day package is for the child that has multiple
issues in regards to their sleep. For example, it might be for the child who is having
multiple night wakings as well as trouble with daytime sleep. This package is for the
parent(s) that would like to tackle one issue at a time or for the parent(s) that wants to
take a more gentle approach to sleep training.


Whatever the reason is, 30 days is sufficient time to reverse any sleep troubles that are present. In addition to the 30 days unlimited emails, you would get one 15 minute phones call at the end of service to answer any lingering questions currently or that you foresee down the road.

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