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My Mission

Entering parenthood is one of the most amazing, challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and exciting times in our lives. With this new phase comes many challenges with understanding your kiddo's needs in terms of sleep or potty training. I truly believe that parenthood takes a village and why not have resources for some of these challenges to make it easier on your and your kiddo-that's where I come in! I love helping families through strategically making sure all healthy habits and routines are in place to prepare and implement changes to your current situation to make the transitions easier. One size does not fit all, so I help identify the areas that we need to personalize for you and your little one so you can be successful. Supporting parents through these times is a passion of mine and helping everyone get the rest they need to be the best parents we can be!

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 I attended The University of Vermont and received my bachelor's of science in elementary education in 2009. I then moved down to Virginia to start teaching third and fourth grade students for the next four years until I became the Reading Interventionist teacher. While I was teaching I earned my Master's degree in Reading and Literacy in 2015 and went on to be the school's reading specialist for two years.


From there I decided that I wanted to be the one to stay home and raise my kiddos, so I left teaching and earned my sleep consultant certification through the Institute of Sleep and Parenting. That is where I studied under my own sleep consultant that helped me with my own son just one year earlier.


Since earning my certification in sleep consulting I have gone on to earn my newborn sleep consultant and potty training consultant. At this point I have worked with over 200 families of many cultures and from countries all over the world. I love working with families of all kinds and done so with two parent households, single parent households, foster parent households, kiddos who attend daycare and those that stay home with parents, or a variety of both. 


How old I was when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes


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How many chapsticks I receive for Christmas each year from my husband


The number of times I've watched Schitt's Creek all the way through


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